Characteristics of CalsiFert..


Calcium Oxide (CaO ), Silicium Dioxide (SiO2),
Magnesium Oxide (MgO) and Micro Nutrients


-CaO      36,00%
-SiO2     12,00%
-MgO     2,00%
-Fe2O3  1,35%
-Na2O    1,23%
K2O      %0,81


Zn     45 mg/kgalt (2)
Mn   20 mg/kg
Cu    13,2 mg/kg
Mo   0,04 mg/kg


CALCIUM (Ca) and its function:

  • Accelerates cell division
  • Lowers the risk of frost
  • Stimulates enzymes
  • Accelerates germination
  • Protects plants against some diseases
  • Enhances cell and root development
  • Enhances product durability and extends shelf life
  • Promotes root growth, color, flavor, and quality

SILICIUM (Si) and its function:

  • Protects plants against stress (diseases and pests,  some elements in excess, too much salt etc.)
  • Pests (insects) cannot penetrate the cuticula strengthened with silicon easily.
  • Straightened leaves utilize light better and increase the rate of photosynthesis. This results in increased Brix.
  • It is used as a fertilizer for paddy in Japan and Korea, and for other plants in Brazil, Australia, India, and S. Africa.

 MAGNESIUM (Mg) and its function

  • The outstanding role of magnesium in photosynthesis is as a constituent of the chlorophyll molecule.
  • It is very mobile in plants, and translocated from older to younger leaves. So, deficiency symptoms appear first on the oldest tissues.
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